Welcome to Annexair

Annexair is a privately held North American company established in 1998. We are focused exclusively on designing and manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient air handling systems. The majority of our product lines incorporate a variety of advanced energy recovery technologies which are designed for commercial, institutional and industrial applications.

Relying on our team of creative and qualified employees who are involved in everything from the design to the manufacturing of our products, Annexair continually strives to exceed customer expectations in terms of the quality and performance of our units. With 99% of our business sales performed in the United States, totaling 6,000 installed systems, we have built our reputation on innovation and customer satisfaction; we are experts in our domain.

Starting from a standard Energy Recovery Ventilator equipped only with a heat wheel and two fans, we have the ability to add any type of cooling or heating device and integrate the latest technologies of air-cooled condensers or water-source heat pump systems you may require. Our capacity range varies from 2,000 CFM to 80,000 CFM and can be combined with a condensing unit that provides between 10 to 200 tons of cooling.

Our elite sales team can quickly and effectively supply you with all the plans, performance documents and specifications you require as well as assistance every step of the way.


Who we are

Expertise, Leadership and Vision

At Annexair, our entire senior management team has extensive experience in the industry. These members are all recognized as leaders in their respective fields. The team, led by company owner and President Francois Lemieux, shares a common vision of the company. Our vision is centered on nine quality principles:

"We keep it simple"

Avoid Mistakes
"We do it right the first time"

Cleanliness & Neatness
"We keep things in order"

Clear Objectives
"We agree on the direction"

"Everyone is accountable"

"A clear message is key"

Observe Deadlines
"We meet our deadlines"

Quality Control
"We look at things closely"

Continuous Improvement
"Always looking for new ideas"


Since founding Annexair in 1998, entrepreneur Francois Lemieux has developed extensive knowledge from the best European HVAC manufacturers. This is entirely reflected throughout the organization and in every product. Annexair represents a new generation of manufacturers that do not follow conventional trends; everything here is carefully planned, evaluated and validated. Mr. Lemieux believes that the resulting product must also be competitively priced. To achieve this, he has surrounded himself with an exceptional team of managers, therefore it is no coincidence that this group of highly motivated individuals share the same passion as Mr. Lemieux himself.